About Harris County M.U.D. 1

The District is located approximately 28 miles northwest of the central business district of the City of Houston, Texas, and approximately four miles northwest of Tomball, Texas. The District is located entirely within Harris County and the exclusive extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston and lies wholly within the Klein Independent School District.

The District was created by an Order of the Texas Water Rights Commission, a predecessor to the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (the "TCEQ") on May 31, 1972. Development in the District began in 1973. On August 13, 1994, the voters in HCMUD #1 authorized consolidation with Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 35.

The district currently encompasses 1001.12 acres and is in the process of annexing an additional 93.57 acres which will be known as the Lakes at Creekside Subdivision. Of the 1001.12 acres, approximately 747 acres are developed into 2,568 residential lots.

The district currently has two water well plants that pumps an average of 17,233,000 gallons of water during the winter months (Oct – Mar), and an average of 32,490,000 gallons during the summer months (Apr – Sep). This system encompasses approximately 44 miles of water lines serving our district.

The district owns and operates two separate waste water treatment plants. The #1 treatment plant has the capacity to treat 950 mgd while the #2 treatment plant has the capacity to treat 110 mgd. These treatment plants are supported by five active lift stations in the district.

In 2010, the District completed a 3-year special maintenance program where all of the sewer lines for those sub-divisions built out in the 1970' & 1980's (Londonderry, Wimbledon Country, and Traditions) were video inspected and necessary repairs made.

The District has installed back-up generators at both water plants, the waste treatment facility and all lift stations in order to insure that the residence in the District will have water & sewer service in event of a disaster. The District may also implement its Drought Contingency Plan in order to conserve the available water supply and protect the integrity of water supply facilities, with particular regard for domestic water use, sanitation, and fire protection.

HCMUD #1 Drought Contingency Plan

The District's RATE ORDER is included online and provides the guidelines under which MUD 1 operates. This comprehensive legal document includes information about water and sewer rates, connections, inspections, plumbing regulations, and other key issues. Information about the District's tax rates is also addressed online.

HCMUD #1 Rate Order


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