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Ad Valorem Taxes

Harris County MUD 1 Ad Valorem Taxes rates are based on property values established by the Harris County Central Appraisal District. Ad Valorem rates are the basis of each taxpayer's contribution to the cost of infrastructure and maintenance for the utility district.  You can contact HCAD, the Harris County Appraisal District website at: www.hcad.org  or Kenneth R. Byrd, the District's tax collector: www.equitaxinc.com  for your individual property values and assessment.

As residents of the District, all customers share the legal responsibility for the repayment of the infrastructure bond debt. For customers of MUD 1, this shared debt was part of the legal documents you signed when you purchased your home. To newcomers, this seems a strange new requirement. However, the District has been carefully governed to quickly retire this debt and continue the funding of ongoing maintenance. After bonds are paid, the District water use fees and the maintenance tax will continue for system maintenance and other authorized expenditures.

The Board of Directors of Harris County MUD 1 would like to inform you that by November 1st of each year you should be in receipt of all Tax Statements for your Property. This should include a Harris County MUD 1 statement.

If you have not received your tax statement please contact our Tax Office at 281-444-3946 or visit their website at www.equitaxinc.com



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